Semi Permanent Make Up


Lip Blush Tattoo                                                                               £120

Lip Blush Tattooing creates a soft and subtle blush of colour defining the shape and giving the appearance of plump and flushed lips. Lip colour is customized to each client based on natural lip colour, undertone and skin tone. Touch up (included in price) is required within 3 weeks. Results last 2-5 years 

Microblading/Microstrokes/Ombre/Combination Brows £250

Micro stroke/Ombré/Combination Brows! Here's a little info on the treatments, if you would like to know anything else please let me know.
😍Microstrokes-microblading is very natural looking method because little strokes looks like natural eyebrows.
😍Ombre-shading is very popular method especially for ladies who want more defined look or pencil look but not dramatic like tattooed eyebrows. Essentially more of a powdered brow makeup finish. 
😍Combo it's shading and strokes. It's great for clients if strokes are too natural looking. They can have strokes-hairs look and a bit of pencil-shading for more defined but soft powdered effect.  When it’s blended correctly, it can add textrure, definition and fullness.
⭐️Whichever brow type you use is the same price at £250 including your top up in a months time 😃
⭐️The effect lasts up to two years, fading slowly during that time. A lot of ladies have a annual top up session to keep them looking their best, but that's up to individual choice. This is £120.
⭐️You can either let them fade to nothing & have them fully re done or have a colour boost session when needed it's depends on the skin.
⭐️Initial appointment takes up to two hours.
⭐️ I measure and drawn on perfect shape following your brow bone. I don't use stencils (if I can't draw them on then I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want me to tattoo them on) Only when you are 100% sure then we do the procedure.
⭐️I have a wide range of shades to suit all tastes and skin tones. Colours from lightest blonde to darkest black-brown.
🤓I can't do treatment for pregnant ladies.
⭐️People suffering from alopecia, trigonometrical or any other condition that causes hair loss benefit greatly from nanoblading, as well as people who simply aren't happy with their eyebrows.
⭐️I don't shave the brows we keep as much brow hair as possible when designing the shape and tweeze the stray hairs.
⭐️Procedure doesn't damage hair follicles and doesn't reduce future hair growth. Once this is done it's just easy to tweeze any strays that are outside of the strokes.
⭐️Straight after treatment skin may looks little bit sore but redness usually gone in two hours.
⭐️I use great anaesthetic so it's not a very painful treatment.
⭐️It's similar to a normal tattoo but the needle doesn't go as deep and the pigments are of the best quality meaning they won’t go blue, grey, ashy, orange or pink when they fade out 🙌🏼

Stretch Mark & Scar Camoflauge Tattoo 

(Prices from £50)

Although stretch marks are a typical, yet annoying part of life, most people wish that they could make them permanently disappear. There is an entire industry built around creams, lotions, and even surgery to help conceal these imperfections, which generally only soften the skin rather than helping with the look, but now a Brazilian tattoo artist has developed a much simpler, more effective solution by using flesh coloured ink to hide stretch marks as well scars, we personalise each mixture to achieve a tone similar to that of the client’s skin. The ink blends into the stretch marks or scars giving them the colour of the skin. Once the tattoos have healed, the client’s skin appears smoother, and after sixty days they can sunbathe without the risk of spots developing.

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