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Do you suffer from 2 or more of the symptoms below? If so you are more than likely lacking in Vitamin B12. Our carefully selected high grade Vitamin B12 Injections can help manage your symptoms:

Feeling Tired/Fatigue, Memory Loss, Mood Changes, Numbness & Tingling in Arms or Legs, Poor Metabolism, Insomnia, Dry Skin, Blurred Vision, Brittle Nails, Weak Hair, Sore Mouth or Tongue, Irritability, Poor Sports Performance, Infertility, Muscle Aches & Joint Pains​

Benefits of B12 Injections: 

Helps reduce depression, cognitive decline dementia, prevents depression, restores mood, retains memory function & mental function, lowers fatigue, treats anaemia, produces creatine in the muscles (beneficial for building body mass and sports performance), reduces muscle weakness & joint pain, protects the heart, prevents heart attacks, stroke & coronary heart disease, improves low sperm count, supports the immune system, helps the body process carbs, helps the body make red blood cells (especially important for Women), is critical in making ATP which is the basic unit of energy for the body, helps breakdown alcohol (ideal before a heavy weekend!)

A course of 4 months with injections every 2 weeks initially is recommended to boost the B12 levels, thereafter once a month injections will maintain high B12 levels in the body.

Pricing Structure:

Pay as you go (whenever required) £30 per shot

4 Month Plan Paid via Direct Debit - £55 per month (total of 2 injections per month/8 in total)

4 Month Plan Paid Up Front - £200 (total of 2 injections per month/8 in total) 

Optional Private Blood Test £80

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I not just take a Vitamin Pill? There are many different types of Vitamin pill on the market the problem with pill form is that it does not absorb properly through the stomach as the stomach acid kills the majority of the vitamins within the pill.

Does it Hurt? The thought maybe scary but the procedure is very fast and virtually pain free

What type of Results will I see? Most people notice immediately a boost in their energy levels and overall wellbeing. if your starting levels were very low it may take a few weeks to feel the benefit

Is it safe? Very, the dose we use is who where near enough to cause any form, of overdose

Can I not just buy some online? Please NO!!! There are several variations available online however the majority or the un regulated cheap versions contain cyanide so please, for your own safety do not purchase from an online retailer

What levels should my B12 be? The NHS 'normal levels' are between 200-900 as you can see there is a huge difference in the lower to higher ranges, if your levels are closer to the 200 range you will feel unwell however the Doctors will not prescribe unless your level dip well below 200.


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